Katrin Arefy

Katrin Arefy

Katrin is the author of A Thousand Stories for A Little Pianist and the My First Piano Bookseries.

She translated Anna Artobolevskaya’s First Meet with the Music and Heinrich Neuhaus’ The Art of Piano Playingfrom Russian to Farsi. She has lectured on the Russian method and specifically Artobolevskya’s method at various universities in the US and overseas, including recently at the University of Oregon (graduate and undergraduate piano pedagogy class of Professor Claire Wachter, fall 2010), Ohio University School of Music (class of Dr. Christopher Fisher, winter 2011), and the annual convention of the Music Teachers’ Association of California in June 2012.

Katrin received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the Gnessin School of Music in Moscow. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Painting from Azad University in Tehran.

During the time she lived in Iran, Katrin taught piano at Soureh University in Tehran, as well as pedagogy classes to piano teachers. She had lectures on Artobolevskaya’s method at Arasbaaraan Cultural Center in Tehran. Her articles on different piano pedagogy themes as well as some book reviews were published in Iran, one of the country’s most well-known newspapers.

After moving to California in 2002, she founded Golden Key Piano School, where she has been working as the artistic director and head teacher, training teachers and teaching piano students of all ages. The school has won the Best of Berkeley in Music Lessons award from the US Local Business Association for the last four years.

Katrin is a member of the Music Teachers’ Association of California. Many of her students are now professional pianists or composers graduating from some of the finest music universities in Austria, Armenia and the United States.

Contact Information:
Katrin Arefy
Artistic Director and Head Teacher
Golden Key Piano School

1809 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94703
Phone: 510-710-0995
Email: info@goldenkeypianoschool.com


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