Resonant Wisdom: Timeless Quotes from Piano Virtuosos

The piano, with its enchanting harmonies, holds the power to stir the deepest recesses of our souls. At Golden Key Piano School in Berkeley, CA, and Manhattan Piano Academy in Manhattan, NY, we are dedicated to nurturing musical brilliance. Let us glean inspiration from the profound words of the luminaries who have woven the tapestry of piano artistry.

Sergei Prokofiev: “In art, there must be a governing law.”

Prokofiev’s insightful observation underscores the significance of structure in artistic endeavors. Alongside a comprehensive understanding of music theory, which forms the foundation of any musical pursuit, piano students embark on a journey of committed practice and resolute determination. This combination equips them with the knowledge and skills to create compositions that evoke profound emotions and resonate deeply with listeners.

Alicia de Larrocha: “Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.”

De Larrocha’s insight illuminates the transformative power of music. It serves as a medium to convey the most profound emotions and connect with the deepest recesses of the human experience. This principle lies at the heart of our teaching philosophy.

Artur Schnabel: “The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes – ah, that is where the art resides!”

Schnabel’s emphasis on the significance of pauses and silences in music highlights the nuanced artistry we aim to cultivate. At our academies, we guide students in understanding that it is in the spaces between the notes that true expression often resides.

Yuja Wang: “It’s not about how fast you can play. It’s about what you say.”

Wang’s wisdom underscores the importance of musicality over sheer technical prowess. We encourage our students to focus on conveying emotion and narrative through their playing, allowing the music to resonate deeply with their audience.

Arthur Rubinstein: “I have often thought that if I were not a pianist, I would have chosen to be a philosopher.”

Rubinstein’s musings on the philosophical depth of music remind us of the intellectual and emotional engagement required in its pursuit. Our academies not only cultivate technical proficiency but also foster a deep appreciation for the intellectual underpinnings of music.

These profound reflections from eminent pianists serve as guiding beacons for the aspiring musicians of Golden Key Piano School and Manhattan Piano Academy. They inspire us to approach the piano not merely as an instrument, but as a conduit for conveying the deepest essence of the human spirit. With dedicated mentorship and an unyielding passion for musical excellence, we strive to empower the next generation of pianists to illuminate the world with their artistry.


Katrin Arefy, Head Teacher
1809 University Ave., Berkeley, CA

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