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We are happy to offer our highly appreciated method of instruction online to reach right into your home and teach your child in a one on one fashion. You’ll love the convenience and accessibility of our online lessons offered six days a week. We have nine expertly trained teachers to choose from for any skill level.

If you are new to Golden Key Piano School, you can be confident in our instruction as we have been awarded six times as a Best of Berkeley music program and a top music program in the East Bay. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee for any newly enrolled student. If you are not absolutely delighted with your first lesson, then you will not pay and will not be required to continue with your lessons. Furthermore, as an enrolled student, should a virtual lesson ever go awry due to technical difficulties on our side, then that lesson will be made up at a future date.

We have been offering virtual lessons now since March 2020 and are grateful to know that our students are enjoying them very much. We recently conducted a survey of our students and their families and received comments back like these below:

Rumi is really enjoying the online lessons actually! His teacher has done a great job and we usually have a laptop set up on the side so teacher can see the piano and Rumi's hands and an iPad setup (on Zoom too) in front of Rumi so he doesn't have to look to the side. It has been going really well!
Yassi, Rumi’s mother
Kyle practices everyday on his own and he is doing great. I’ve asked him how he feels about the online class comparing to in person, and his response was that it’s about the same.
Peter, Kyle’s father
We’re thrilled to hear that Christopher will be able to continue teaching at Golden Key Piano School. Emmett says he’s the best piano teacher he's ever had; Clara really likes him, too.
Lynna, mother of three students at Golden Key Piano School
The one-on-one Zoom format has been working out very well. In some ways it's much better than other classes they've been in because it's so direct, and their attention is complete. So thank you again for supporting their ongoing learning.
Kenneth, father of Max and Sam

We have adapted nicely to the current environment and are keeping our students safe while helping them to continue developing their piano playing skills. We are incorporating opportunities for online performances on YouTube and keeping the students connected through our private WhatsApp group for informal performances.

Is it time for you to join Golden Key Piano School and experience a professional school and a caring community? Go to our contact form to send us a message or call us at (510) 665-5466 to learn more and register.

We often operate at capacity but are pleased to have a few openings at this time for new students. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To learn more about our creative method of instruction, go here.

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