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Golden Key Paino School’s August 2022 Newsletter

Dear Golden Key Piano School Community,

As we start a new school year, we hope you had a fun summer holiday and are ready to push forward with the rest of the year. Please see the details of the August news below.

1. Calendar

We are looking forward to another year full of music with all of you beautiful people within Golden Key Piano School Community.

Please mark your calendar for our school recital and rehearsals this year and make sure to attend as many informal performances (in-person or on zoom) as you can.

2. Makeup Policy

We are glad to see that our new makeup system is working well and the

Google doc makeup schedule is getting booked.

Moving forward we have to make some strict rules about using the makeup

link. Students are only allowed to get a makeup if they inform the school at least 2 business days before their scheduled lesson.

The reason we have to implement this rule is that when you cancel your

lesson and there isn’t enough time for us to put it on the google doc to make

it available for other students, or there is not enough time for other students

to see and plan to use that time, the time will be wasted. If we continue

having too many wasted lessons there will not be enough timeslots for


Thank you for helping us make the makeup situation a smooth experience for everyone.

3. Emergency Zoom Link Reminder

Please save these teachers’ zoom links for emergency situations if you need to meet on zoom for your lesson. We might not be able to provide it to you last minute because we simply do not check emails or messages every second.

Teacher Babak

Meeting ID: 604 638 8478 Passcode: 0KHZaD

Teacher Blake

Meeting ID: 827 7003 0378 Passcode: qNaFm7

Teacher Christopher

Meeting ID: 864 4788 6270 Passcode: 533060

Teacher Chenyi

Meeting ID: 884 7197 4853 Passcode: PxHmT6

Teacher Jin

Meeting ID: 893 3879 0097 Passcode: jj0X38

Teacher Katrin:

Meeting ID: 861 1254 2925 Passcode: 160404

Teacher Ketevan:

Meeting ID: 862 0981 0653 Passcode: HVw5J9

Teacher Morgan:

Meeting ID: 863 1745 9951 Passcode: f6n8yq

Teacher Nicole:

Meeting ID: 810 7789 1766 Passcode: 814656

Teacher Stella:

Meeting ID: 861 4806 5408 Passcode: 2V8Fxg

Teacher Sookie:

Meeting ID: 480 470 8082 Passcode: QvT61s

4. Performance Day Zoom Link

Our informal performance day on Zoom will be on Tuesday August 9th at 3.00pm PST.

Meeting ID: 878 1453 2022

Password: 720817

We are looking forward to our next informal performance day in August.

Since we didn’t have performance days in June and July we are expecting

many of you to participate in August. So please mark your calendar and keep up with your summer practice

5. Teachers’ News

Our teachers’ news comes with a new addition to the team as we say goodbye to another team member who has been a part of Golden Key for a while.

Teacher Stella

Stella is a passionate and considerate teacher and extraordinarily talented in piano education. She received her Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from Hanse University in South Korea. She studied piano under the guidance of Soeun Lee and Igaki Hideyuki, famous pianists in South Korea. She has given several concerts: disciple recitals, master classes, collaboration with orchestras, etc.

Since graduation, she has been focusing on teaching students to play the piano. Stella has over 10 years of experience teaching piano. She has worked with students of all ages and levels and loves incorporating fun games and activities into lessons. She also holds a piano adventure certificate. Before she came to the bay area in 2022, she operated her music academy for six years (2015-2021). Her piano class was recognized for her students winning in the major-regional music competitions in South Korea.

Teacher Gabriel

As many of you know already, teacher Gabriel is moving on with his new

career as a school counselor, something he has been studying the last couple of years.

As much as we are happy to see him moving forward in his life with his

personal and professional goals, we will definitely miss having him at Golden Key Piano School.

Gabriel has been working with us since ???? and after a year of living in Paris, he came back to the Bay Area and rejoined our teacher’s team. Gabriel has grown a lot as a teacher during these years and has been on our Examiner Faculty team since before his Paris stay and after.

The good news is that Gabriel is still living close by and he said he will stop

by to say hi and maybe even help us with substituting in summer times.

As we are wishing Gabriel the best in his new career we are hoping to see

him back in one way or another.

6. Students’ News

We would like to congratulate Eileen for passing her Level 6 exam at the Royal Conservatory of Music.

We cannot wait to see how much farther you will go.

7. Referral System

Many thanks for referrals!

We have been registering students who were referred to us by current or former students of Golden Key Piano School. Believe it or not, we have even had referrals from those who are just starting their own lessons at Golden Key Piano School. We are flattered and grateful for the confidence that our students and their families have in our ability to teach.

To return the favor, for each student that is referred, we will:

  • Add $50 to our scholarship fund to make our quality lessons available to a wider community.
  • Waive the $30 registration fee for your friend as a welcome gift to our school.
  • Send you a thank you gift.

If you have any questions please call the school at (510) 665-5466 or reply to this email.

Yours truly,
Katrin Arefy


Katrin Arefy, Head Teacher
1809 University Ave., Berkeley, CA

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